Tour De Cinema – 17.00 June 12th, Sheffield Amphitheatre (FREE)

  • sheffield_docfest_logo_2013From Trike to Bike (4 mins)
  • Velorama (60 mins)
  • Standing Start (12 mins)
  • Cyclists Special (16 mins)
  • A Day Out (50 mins)
  • Vive le Tour (18 mins)

When: 17.00 – 22.00, Thursday 12th June
Where: Outdoor Amphitheatre South Street Park, above Sheffield train station – opposite Showroom Cinema (S1 2BP)
Tickets: FREE (no need to book, just turn up)

From Trike to Bike

Dir – Andy Burns
Country – United Kingdom
Duration – 4 MINS
Year – 2014
Rating – TBC

From Trike to Bike (2)-From Trike to Bike unearths a wealth of film footage from the Yorkshire Film Archive, capturing the joys of our personal cycling journeys. From our very first tricyle to the nervous wobbles of the two wheeler, cycling proficiency tests, local road races and competitions, and Yorkshire’s own champion rider, Beryl Burton, the team at YFA have been delving into their archive collections to create a moving montage of cycling memories. You’ll also catch glimpses of familiar Yorkshire landmarks – the towns, cities, villages and landscapes that mark out the Yorkshire route of Le Tour.

Dir – Daisy Asquith
Country – United Kingdom
Duration – 60 MINS
Year – 2014
Rating – TBC

VeloramaVelorama, is a specially-commissioned new feature-length documentary directed by award-winning filmmaker Daisy Asquith. Created using over 100 different titles from the BFI National Archive (including footage from Mitchell & Kenyon, Topical Budget, COI and British Council), and footage from the amateur and home movie collections housed at the Yorkshire Film Archive, it shows a Century of the Bicycle on film, from the invention of the modern bike to the gruelling pursuit of Le Tour, all set to dreamy electronic music by Bill Nelson and the legendary Yorkshire tones of Chumbawumba. Velorama will take you on an unmissable two-wheeled journey.

Standing Start
Dir – Finlay Pretsell, Adran McDowall
Country – United Kingdom
Duration – 12 MINS
Year – 2007
Rating – U

Standing StartStaring down the speed track like a gladiator, world champion cyclist Craig MacLean prepares for the world cup race. The adrenalin and excitement in the lead up are as tense as the race itself. Blasting from a standing start to speeds of over 40 mph, the fear, determination and exhilaration are palpable in every frame of one of the most accomplished short docs of the year.

Cyclists Special
Dir – ABTF Production
Country – United Kingdom
Duration – 16 MINS
Year – 1955
Rating – U

Cyclists SpecialFrom the archives of the British Transport Film (BTF) collection, Cyclists’ Special provides evidence of cycling’s popularity as a mainstream leisure pursuit in 1950’s Britain. A train equipped with cycle vans takes a party of cyclists and their bikes from London and Watford to Rugby, where they split up into separate parties and tour the countryside of Warwickshire, Leicestershire and Northamptonshire before returning home by train in the evening.

A Day Out
A Day Out 2Dir – Stephen Frears
Country – United Kingdom
Duration – 50 MINS
Year – 1972
Rating – U

In 1911, a Halifax cycling club has a day trip to the ruins of Fountains Abbey, on the way discussing their lives and concerns, blithely unaware of what will happen to them and their country over the next few years.

Vive le Tour
Dir – Louis Malle
Country – France
Duration – 18 MINS
Year – 1962
Rating – U

Vive le TourLouis Malle’s vivid account of the 1962 Tour de France features rural French settings, rabid fans, and cyclists in various stages of exhaustion as their endurance test continues.

A Boy, a Girl and a Bike
Dir – Ralph Smart
Country – United Kingdom
Duration – 87 MINS
Year – 1949
Rating – U

A BOY, A GIRL AND A BIKELove, theft and deception causes havoc in a Yorkshire cycling club. Sam is captain of the club, and happily cycles alongside his fiancée and fellow member, Susie (Honor Blackman). This is until a passing motorist takes a fancy to her. Added to this, someone has stolen one of their bicycles. Will Sam get the bike and the girl or will he wind up in a spin? Starring Honor Blackman, Patrick Holt and John McCallum with Diana Dors, Maurice Denham and Thora Hird.

Tour de cinema logoYorkshireFest_UPPER_LOGO_2014_RGB (Screen)Tour de Cinema was commissioned by Yorkshire Festival 2014 with support from Arts Council England, Yorkshire Water, Welcome to Yorkshire and Yorkshire Local Authorities. For more details of Tour De Cinema programme of events: