Murder Of Couriers

Murder of Couriers documents the lives of a group of bike messengers over a nearly three-year span.
Murder Of Couriers


Running time

78 minutes

As dawn breaks over a sleepy city, a dark mass, a murder of crows, craws violently towards the city. Hungry; scornful; staggering; innocent; free. Beneath the crows, in the jagged streets at the edge of the city, another mass makes its way: A murder of couriers.

With the emerging popularity of urban fashion, extreme sports, green living and alternative lifestyles, people all over the world have begun to take to the streets on two wheels. At the heart of this general movement is a race of individuals who are indifferent to the cause. Indifferent only because they've always lived it. Now people around the world are beginning to look at bike messenger culture as a simple unifier of modern ideals. “A perfect marriage of work and play created by those who have learned to cut through the traffic of an uneventful life.” Murder of Couriers investigates this culture through the eyes of the people who live it daily.