Film Catalogue

A selection of films that are currently available to screen at your venue
From the film 'Blue' which is part of our Winter Wheelers programme

Here is our current programme of films available for you to screen at your venue. If you would like a film that's not on this list please drop us a line as the chances are we will be able to help. 

Please contact us for a price on any of these films.

Battle Mountain

104mins - 2016 

Charting Graeme Obree's attempt on the Human Powered Land Speed Record in 2013. A past powerhouse comes back to prove that he's still in it to win. 

"If you're a tiger, you might be an ageing tiger, but you're still a tiger..."

The Bikes Of Wrath

 80mins - 2018

Five Australians attempt to cycle 2600kms from Oklahoma to California in honour of the westward migration undertaken by 'The Grapes of Wrath's' Joad family. Laughs, pain and reflection on the road with untrained crew that make this journey one not to miss.

The Length Of Time

73mins - 2020

The Tour Divide is a 2750 mile (4400 km) unsupported mountain bike race from Banff, Canada to Antelope Wells on the Mexican border. The Length of Time documents the race from a rider's perspective telling the story of Josh Ibbett’s ride

Janapar - Love On A Bike 

79mins - 2013

The award-winning film follows Tom Allen's life-changing 3½-year bicycle journey — with an unexpected romantic twist. A beautiful mix of cycle adventure of the best sort, with love running through it.

Murder Of Couriers 

78mins - 2012

Murder of Couriers documents the lives of a group of bike messengers over a nearly three-year span. This film was made by couriers, about couriers, for a wide general audience and offers the chance to experience a lifestyle that not many get the privilege to enjoy. Close your eyes and hope for the best.

Onboard Transcontinental Race 

Transcontinental Race is rarely a race against fellow competitors, nor against oneself. It is, primarily, a race for oneself. To ride the TCR is to explore who you become at the side of a road in the Alps or the Balkans, low on sleep, lucidity, hygiene and any notion of comfort. In the saddle, rolling over rough tarmac sixteen or eighteen hours a day, finding what exists beyond fatigue and exhaustion. Do you scratch? Get the train home? Or discover and escape from everything that has been holding you back. There is everything Antonin, the director, has collected, through the eyes of the photographers, James Robertson and Camille Mcmillan, Mike Hall & Anna Haslock, and Matthieu, cap 109, a cyclist who fights a very personal battle simply to complete the race. The TCR is much more than a race, it's a complete experience. Here, filmed during 3 races from 2016 to 2018, Onboard will immerse you in the unique experience that is the Transcontinental Race.

Time Trial

82mins 2017

New insight into the world of professional cycling through the eyes of David Millar, the only British rider to have won all of the Tour de France jerseys. Follow David on his roller coaster ride of hard work, grit and controversy.

Winter Wheelers 1 (reel)

104mins - 2018

A compilation of 7 short wintry bike films that will get you wearing gloves and shoe covers next time you go out. Films are all available to review on the link in the session title, but include Elk Mountains, Three Peaks Cyclocross, Flashes of the Altai, Escape, Blue, The Frozen Road, Ice & Palms.

Winter Wheelers 2 (reel)

80mins (2020/21)

No matter what the weather cyclists will always be out in it. Thankfully there are enough hardy filmmakers around to capture the hardy two (and three) wheeled folk who love their bikes, so we can bring you another carefully curated collection of films celebrating the Winter Wheelers. 

Wonderful Losers

71mins - 2017

This is the first-time in over 40 years, an independent-filmmaker outside of the broadcast networks, has been allowed to film behind the scenes an exclusive insider look at the notorious and celebrated Italian Grand Tour Cycling race Giro d'Italia. Dig deep and feel the grit and pain of the back of the peloton.

Best Of ShAFF Bike Films 2021 (reel)

A carefully curated selection of the best bike films from the 2021 Sheffield Adventure Film Festival

90 mins - 2021