Resolution Race

Four women, two cargo bikes, six days, Edinburgh to Copenhagen. What could possibly go wrong?



Catherine Dunn


The Adventure Syndicate

Running time

45 minutes

Country / Nationality


“We’re not doing this to send the message to everyone that cargo bikes will reverse climate change and make us all feel amazing. It’s much more complex than that. We know not everyone can afford a bike let alone a specialist one that can carry your kids and shopping. But the way we move around now isn’t fair. Our most deprived areas are the ones being worst affected by vehicle emissions, and on the other side of the world people are suffering the consequences of our excessive carbon production.” (Lee Craigie) The climate crisis presents the biggest existential threat that we have ever faced. Time is running out, but together we can resolve to race against the climate and ecological emergency. The Resolution Race Project is all about thinking differently, working as a collective and trusting one another as we lay the foundations for a more sustainable and equitable future for everyone.

Sustainability Notes

Sustainability is at the heart of the film in its messaging and in the adventure itself. The media team traveled in an electric van from Edinburgh to Copenhagen (see extra behind-the-scenes short here: so as to reduce out vehicle-based emissions on the road and show an alternative way in which adventure films can be made. This still wasn't perfect; the electricity sources used to charge the van were not all derived from renewables and other emissions (such as from tyre degradation) could not be prevented. But, we hope, it demonstrated a way of working which pushed the planet to the top of our risk assessment. At the heart of the film was the celebration of the cargo bike, which could play a significant role in developing safer, more sustainable and more equitable urban spaces in the years to come (this is already happening across many European cities, most notably Copenhagen!). There is a clear call to action at the end of Resolution Race, encouraging people to think differently, act collectively and raise their voices as we move towards a more sustainable future. Carbon footprint breakdown (for production crew traveling too and from Copenhagen): Approx 261.178kg Co2 (this is from the electricity charging sources on the road, some of which were renewable, some of which were not) Comparative carbon footprint breakdown (if the production crew had traveled too and from Copenhagen in a diesel van) Approx 514.413kg Co2 (this does not account for all the other polluting particulates emitted from diesel vehicles) Had we undertaken the journey entirely in Norway (where renewable energy provides the majority of electricity sources for public vehicle charging on the road), our Co2 output from the electric van would have been 7.854kg (approx to 2016 figures) More than happy to provide more info on this! This is part of our core messaging and we'd love to push this message as far and wide as possible :)