Into Twin Galaxies - Talks from Sarah McNair Landry & Erik Boomer

Crossing the Greenland Ice cap by kite ski is epic


Running time

52 minutes


Thursday 1 Nov '18 | 8:00pm Decathlon Sheffield

Get on your bike, cycle along to Decathlon in Sheffield, get a drink and a snack, before sitting back to enjoy this feature length film from acclaimed filmmaker Simon Hunter.

Doors open 8pm, start 8.15pm. Store closes at 8pm, but tills will remain open to the audience.

Arrive on a bike and you will get a FREE rear LED.

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Crossing the Greenland Ice cap by kite ski is epic. Making a first descent of a river draining that ice cap is landmark. But accessing that river by towing a kayak across the ice cap to the river’s headwaters to kayak down to the Arctic Ocean is unprecedented; and that is exactly what National Geographic “adventurers of the year” Erik Boomer, Sarah McNair Landry and Ben Stookesberry want to do. Utilizing Sarah’s extensive polar experience, the team uses snow kites to cross the 1000km ice sheet, before descending through an unknown and dangerous maze of crevasses to access the source of the river. 

With rapids so big they are visible from satellite images, this spectacular river is a challenge for even Ben and Eric, two of the top paddlers in the world. A ski accident at the beginning of the expedition almost sets an end to the whole endeavour. A little later unexpectedly low temperatures seem to be another reason to stop the adventurers as they find their river almost frozen solid. Only the discovery of a second river that is still raging down to the arctic ocean puts the team right back into the game.

This Cycle To The Cinema event will feature sections of the film, unseen footage, and presentations from two of the kayakers: Erik Boomer and Sarah McNair Landry as they make a tour of the UK. It's a very rare opportunity to meet two world renowned kayakers, both with the acclaim of being National Geographic Adventurers Of The Year.